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More Spirit Animals

Spirit animals appear in your life to guide you, teach you , strengthen attributes within you. There may be just one, there may be many over your lifetime, and they may change throughout the years.

Looking over my life, from young child to present, there is one animal that has “spoken” to me and been a part of my life in some way forever….the regal horse. Any horse, all horses, from the world renown, to the obscure. I read all the horse stories, saw all the movies, loyal to the TV shows, collected them in every form, drew and painted them ad nauseam. I am aware that this is a fascination with most little girls, the love of horses, but this continued into adulthood for me. ¬†Until I finally got a real horse, granted she was a gift to my 2 daughters, Christmas of ’95. She was a treasure for many years. The day I went into the desert for my Shamatic Emersion experience, wild horses appeared across the stream from us to drink. Quite the sight and I took it as yet another sign that they guide me.

So I begin the second of my Spirit Animal drawings, a horse.