About me

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My pictures were always hung up in kindergarten, and my parents had reams of paper ever available for me to draw, color, or paint on. With that kind of inspiration and encouragement, art became my life passion at an early age.
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During college I was captivated by the possibilities of all the different mediums and how they could express my ideas. I have not limited myself to any one medium or style, but as you can see by my body of work, I have enjoyed exploring all of them.
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Believing in expression of feelings over technique, I graduated with a Bachelor of Art Therapy, and then a Master of Education. I have spent 25 years as an elementary school art teacher, with eight years as the Head of the Department for my school district.
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My purpose now is to be a resource and guide for others as they explore artistic methods to express their inner voice in a symbolic and visual language.

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